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    In the past few days, some readers have reported that they have encountered Chinese errors.

    Why Do I Really Need To Fill In The CAPTCHA?

    chinese error

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    What Can I Do To Prevent This From Happening In The Future?

    If you have a private connection, for example at home, you can run antivirus protection on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.


    If you are on a shared office network, you can ask the entire network administrator to perform a diagnostic scan of the entire network to find misconfigured or infected devices.

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    With Miss Wang

    Learning your own language can be difficult and Chinese is no exception. However, if your website is ready to useAfter spending some time on grammar, marketers will find that it is ultimately much simpler than most languages. And it’s always helpful to get an overview of the basics from time to time. Here are some simple mistakes that explain some of the most common mistakes that will help you improve your Chinese quickly.

    1) Measure Words

    For many Chinese students, the words of measurement seem foreign, although they have English equivalents, it is true that they are simply not as common or necessary in the English language. Some common terms in English are any pants, a herd of elephants, a bunch of flowers, or perhaps a deck of cards.

    In Chinese, word search is used whenever there are many nouns in a noun (including set 1) and you are easy to understand. However, if you have an early medical history, it will be incredibly easy for you to learn and use the correct arithmetic word for Chinese names. Some of the more common ones are:

    à ¥ – kuà i:  for “big” money (Chinese yuan à ¥ … ƒ, US dollars, British pounds withterling)


    Ã ¥ ªzh “”: 1 of your pair (1 bridle, 1 shoe, 1 eye)

    Also note that à ¥ ¤ © and à ¥ ¹ ´ do not require any keywords for the measurement. ¡N) à ¤ ¥ à ¥ ¹ ´Ãƒ ¨rshà .

    2) Or

    Apparently innovative, any student confuses € – €… and ¿ ˜Ã¦ ˜ ¯, although the distinction is undoubtedly quite simple. Or ˆ – €… ˆ – is actually used in affirmations. ¿ ˜Ã¦ ˜ ¯ is used in questions. Be sure to include them correctly.

    3) Write Order

    Topic + Time + Mode + Location + Negation + Auxiliary + Verb + Addition + Object.

    In Chinese, the ordering information is fairly consistent, so you can always refer to the purchase described above to compose standard sentences. For a beginner, just remember the attached basic order: subject + tense + place + verb + subject. It will take you quite a while when you start.

    4) ¦ ˜ ¯ + Adjective

    Often, amateur students try to directly translateTake my structure of English as “fair + adjective”. In Chinese, ˜ ¯ shà ¬ is usually only used with nouns or. If you want to explain a noun with an adjective, use à ¥ ¾ ˆ hä ›n instead. The correct construction is the subject + ¾ ˆhà „ › n + adjective. You can also use ¡ (mà ‡ Žn, jolie), (tà ‡ ng, Œ º jolie) or © žÃ ¥ ¸ ¸ (fà „ ” ichà ¡ng, extreme).

    5) Different Types Of œundà ¢

    à ¥ ’ Œ hƒ © is exactly like â â € œandà ¢ € in English only, but can only be used between two nouns (subject for each object). You should not try to combine verbs or saga of events (for example, I include shopping and dining. I went shopping, had lunch and dinner with one friend)

    è · Ÿ gà “ “ n is very similar to à ¥ ‘ Œ or even hà ©, although it is often translated as. However, · Ÿ gà ” ” n is usually used to bring two people together and is less commonly used for objects.

    chinese error

    ¥ ”performs the same function as ¥’ hƒ © and ¥ · Ÿ gà „ ” n, but nobly usedIt is found in the literature.

    § „ ¶Ã ¥ Ž rà ¡nhà ²u is only used to link series between events, similar to the phrase” then ¢ “in English. It is also possible that you omit it completely and just use dots for both verbs. (For example, | ‘à ¥ AZA ” º † à ¥ • † à ¥ º – ¹ ° à ƒÃ§ š ” ¸ œ AA ¥ ¿Ã £ € ‚Wà ‡ ‘qà ¹le shà „ ngdià n mà Žig chÔ “dà … ngxi. I went to some store [and] bought something while I was eating.)

    Hope you found this helpful. Once you master these 5 new features, your Chinese will do well, much better in many situations, even if there is much more Chinese than the 5 points. Take Chinese lessons to practice your grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, content creation and more! Check out our Chinese lessons or contact us for more information. Hope to see you soon !

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