An Easy Way To Troubleshoot Errors When Starting A Cyclone

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported crashes when launching Cyclone.

    error in cyclone startup

    Exception Cause Failed to start the cyclone

    Posted by Olivia Floyd February 9, 2022 11:50 AM Colspan=”2″>

    Cyclone activated

    You may get the following errors when updating Windows 10

    “Exception reason

    Error starting cyclone

    The database web server is unavailable. The server may not always be running, or the configuration level between the client and the simple server may not be the same

    Run “RegCyclone.bat” from the Cyclone directory. Error starting procedure”

    error in cyclone startup

    We recommend that you properly uninstall/reinstall Cyclone. The potential is that Windows Cyclone runs on ports and prevents our startup files from running anywhere. See the uninstall/reinstall procedure below:

    On Windows, open Firewall in the Control Panel and go to Advanced Settings:

    Add detailed and amazing Cyclone rule for .exe and PTserv32.exe and even PTServ64.exe:

    And add a rule for ports 27000-2010, 19700-19701 and port 8080:

    If Windows Firewall is enabled, disable it if possible.

    If you have a CLM license (if services don’t skip this step): go to Control Panel and select Tools/Administrative Services, but stop both Flexnet services.

    Open Control Panel and select Programs and Features.
    Uninstall the Leica CLM programs first, then the FlexNet server, then uninstall the two FlexNet services last

    Restart your system.

    Remove Cyclone by installing the Cyclone. This directive is the installer that families download when they install a particular program.

    Use the uninstall option, this is now the easiest way to uninstall Cyclone.

    Make sure the experts say that all your questions areThe hidden files are probably visible (Organize/Folders and search options/Show/Show hidden folders and folders with files). Move any information files you may need, usually from the Cyclone folder to your desktop. p>

    Delete all of the following files (note: they may not be all, depending on the version of Cyclone installed):

    C:Program FilesLeica GeosystemsCyclone
    C:Program FilesLeica GeosystemspcE Playback
    C:Program FilesCommon Files Leica Geosystems
    C:Program Files (x86)Leica GeosystemsCyclone
    C:Program Files (x86)Leica GeosystemsCLM-Admin
    C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesLeica Geosystems
    C: ProgramDataLeica Geosystems
    C:ProgramDataFLEXnet (delete only LGS files in FlexNet folder

    Then do a proper clean install

    Click here for new installation instructions

    Approved: ASR Pro

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your PC

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    Cyclone Initialization Failed – Cyclone Startup Failed: How to Port 6001 to Cyclone Description:

     Zyklon initialization error Error - when starting a cyclone: ​​how to changePort 6001 for CycloneDescription:Cyclone fails to start with error message:"Errors only when starting Cyclone. The database server is actually unavailable. Please run CycloneReg.bat."Cyclone uses port 6001 by default. The following shows how to change it to Cyclone if it is a different port.The program is already using this port.Execution:All versions of cyclonesSolution:preparationStop Cyclone, Leica HDS Server, and Cyclone, License ServerCheck that the Leica HDS Server is not connected in addition to the Cyclone License Server in Computer Management.illustration 1Localization related to configuration files"ptserver.cfg" and "ptclient.cfg"On any drive, find all instances in the following two files:"ptserver.cfg" as "ptclient.cfg"Typically, when installing Cyclone, the folder C:Program filesLeica GeosystemsCyclone"ptclient.cfg"and furthermore in its own user configuration directory in Application DataLeica GeosystemsCycloneChange ports in configuration filesIn ptserver.cfg, the second line is service=6001. Change 6001 to enable fan output (check with netstat).© Leica Geosystems January | 20.2010 17:15In "ptclient.cfg" useUse the 3rd line "service=####" (with the port in front, for example 2222)Note that many Leica HDS servers use two plug-in numbers: xxxx (default is 6001) and xxxx+1.restart processesRestart the leica HDS server and the Cyclone license server in Services and restart the Cyclone.Check for new DOS ports in Pay using the "netstat" command in a DOS window.Please note:(1) You must ensure that ptserver. (in the Cyclone cfg installation directory) and ptclient.cfg (which is invaluablein your website's User Configuration Directory under Application DataLeica GeosystemsCyclone), they all use the same port number.(i.e. out of the office definitely not allowed unless you are still using the default port 6001). Otherwise Cyclone will not start.(2) A fresh install (or if you think your family is doing a fresh install by deleting that Cyclone directory) will not affect the actual files insideuser configuration directory. If you change the port number, you must take care of the specific ptclient.cfg file in that directory.(per user).(3) Please note that the port number is actually used by Leica for  Database sharing due to the HDS server service. If twoTeam computers use few ports, they can't help you share. So changing the port number is an explicit decision.Admin/Team is a must when sharing.(4) RegCyclone.bat will indeed reset a large number of ports for the server, but it will not affect the client configuration in any way. Cyclone itbreaks if the client uses a range of port numbers. For the same reinstallation for Cyclone.© Lake Geosystems | 20 Economics will air in 2010 at 17:15.

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