Various Ways To Fix Kde-dcop Error

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you fix your kde dcop error.

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    Show full version. [SOLVED] Does anyone know how to fix DCOP communication errors?

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    I recently got DCOP communication errors when trying to start GNOME with KDE support. This screenshot of error is reflected but not limited to calcium.

    I get an error and the program works fine too. It’s pretty boring.

    here is a massage in the literal sense of the word in text form:

    DCOP Advertising Communication Error (Calcium)

    could not read the network relative list.

    Please check if “dcopserver” is running!

    DCOP Communication Lost

    I may have had this error before. To fix this problem, you need to remove the DCOP files from the files. Your home directory may have files suffering from “.That dcop” that you need to remove. There can also be “.ICE” archives:

    $ cd Rm ~
    $ .DCOPserver *
    $ rm .ICEauthority *

    After deleting, we exit the reboot plus. You can safely delete these computer files because KDE recreates them on login.

    Unfortunately, none of your suggestions helped. I was not marked as ..DCOP or next to the expert name. (and yes, I looked at hidden files)

    my .DCOPserver file is missing.

    I also usually get the same error when evaluating Amarok startup. Find this DCOP server. I searched for DCOP files but didn’t find them either …

    kde dcop error

    I just found out the reason for my car. Hope this works for everyone. I found that it was probably trying to share files in my /home/user/.kde folder. However, since I was running it with a normal user, it was unable to get permission to create free info files. What I did seem to have changed the owner to normal user with our own “chown user: group /home/user/.kde” command and all those folders in it, and now it works with Amarok.

    mmm. well, I figured myself that zir0n was right.

    I needed a loophole that he said worked for him.

    for people it was “sudo was chown andrew: andrew /home/andrew/.kde”

    Chill. now it works well!

    I’m having a new similar problem

    what should I do ?

    I saved a small photo of him

    uh … from now on I was “sudo chown andrew: andrew /home/andrew/.kde”

    Your problem may be very different, or it may not.

    So try opening a better terminal … (> Applications> Accessories> Terminal)

    Then write down the idea and press “Enter”:

    sudo sabrina: sabria /home/sabrina/.kde

    (assuming your username and home index is “sabrina”)


    None of the above alternatives work for me and I get exactly the same error message. I deleted the ICE file but it didn’t work. I used chown command at the same time and each of them didn’t work. Ideas?

    A good rule of thumb for error-causing things is to use Synaptic to reinstall them. It used to work with other bugs from other programs.

    If other people are encountering this problem and the solutions described in this article don’t work for users, start your own discussion thread! I am very sure that more people will help you with this. I could probably hate someone not trying to fix the problem because they are asking for help from the solved topic.

    Good luck !

    just restart your computerter. it really works for you. (I found this tip in the Chinese ie8 community.)

    I had to use the recursive option (-R) on the chown command to pass it to Jobs, but: it works! Thank you 🙂

    Thanks to your entire organization, I also fixed deleting the .kde file from what is currently the home folder. I had this important issue with Asus eee 4g (Xandros).

    kde dcop error

    Removing those .kde folders from my space folder seemed like a special trick.

    (I used the recommended chown command unsuccessfully before trying it)

    Are there any additional programs that use this directory for corporate information? Basically I’m asking if this fix might have other problems.

    Thank you,

    – miracles

    Hi guys. This was my first time on the discussion board and I was working with Linux – make sure you strip with me 🙂

    I am trying to sync an iPod iPod nano (5th generation) with an Asus Eee PC running Ubuntu. I have visited this forum and cannot figure out how to view the command line. I can taste the trailugly.

    The error says:
    An interprocess communication configuration error has occurred for KDE. The program returned the following message:
    Unable to read the list of conversations on the network.
    Please check if the “dcopserver” program is working properly!

    I cannot find these files to delete.

    What can I do? Thanks for your help !

    Approved: ASR Pro

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your PC

  • I ran to look for what was wrong – it turned out that there was not enough space on my / home partition

    Check if you have enough storage space if you’re out of luck with the proposed solutions.

    Up to k3b to walk through Karmika. I had to start Nautilus from the database using sudo, then change the permissions for all folders, subfolders with related files in .kde files strategically located at /home//.kde
    After that, k3b can work normally from the familiar, where, as before, you can open the console and perform this task as root.

    If you have any problem like DCOP, PC or similar, shut down your computer and remove the battery. This is a reset that fixes everything right away, without having to remove it Change your company files. Once I had a problem with my mouse, the computer just didn’t respond, so I took out the battery and everything was done. Then when the DCOP wireless server failed … I did the same and like all the other old wireless friends who filled up the wireless box, mine disappeared, except it started immediately.
    Try it before you put on anything extreme …. remove the battery and let it sit for 10 seconds. and reset the idea … turn everything on. MAKE !

    Let me know if you let anyone.

    I encountered a “DCOP ad link error” when trying to compress carhed on multiple folders using ark and the following ..

    I fixed this by deleting the ephemeral files generated by ark at this location ~ / .kde / tmp-computerName. You can also take a look at konqueror-crash-blabla.log.
    konqueror works fine now.

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