Solve The Mail Error 10060 Problem

You may have encountered an error code indicating mail error 10060. There are several ways to fix this problem. We will do it shortly.

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    Error 10060 indicates a new timeout while waiting for email data and / or 10054 indicates that the connection on the other end or something between the SMTP server and the remote server has dropped the connection. It is also possible that the mail server will never receive the proper shutdown sequence that helps a bad router or bad firewall.

    Every time an email was sent from my Outlook client, it returned with this “Socket error 10060 connection timeout” SMTP error. What’s going on here ?

    How do I fix a SMTP error?

    Open all email settings in someone else’s app or device you’re using.Find outgoing SMTP server and current settings.Check the current outgoing port and / or change it to 26, maybe 587.Make sure all username and password fields are filled in when they appear.Save and check your fixes.

    This was an ongoing support request we received from the personal server support team where we are increasingly making requests from web hosts.

    Website drivers often encounter this error when sending email from email such as Outlook clients, Thunderbird, etc.

    SMTP Error “Confused Socket 10060 Connection Time Out” – What Is It?

    Before As we delve deeper into the causes of this type of error, let’s start by understanding what the error is.


    In normal mail delivery, mail moves from the sender of the email to the sender of the MX, and you can specify the MX of the recipient and then the actual recipient.

    Socket error 10060 means that the connection to the destination server may have been lost.

    What does Socket Error 10060 mean?

    10060 is a connection timeout error, which o This usually occurs when our own client does not receive a response from the server to order securely. This most often happens when you are trying to connect in PASV mode to a server that recognizes the PORT for data connections.

    In other words, the publisher does not receive a response from the receiving server.

    For example,

    domain owners will see the full error signal like this:

     Error message: “An error occurred while establishing an e-mail connection to some servers. Failed to transfer mail. Socket error # 10060. Connection timed out. "

    But this error only prevents the user from sending emails and getting the job done is not a problem.

    let us

    Now discuss the five most common causes of this error and how our server support engineers can fix them.

    SMTP Error “Socket Error 10060 Connection Timed Out” – Causes And Remedies

    Error SMTP Socket Error 10060 Relative Timeout can be caused by a number of reasons.

    Let’s take a look at these root causes identified in our debug processing and how to fix them.

    1) Wrong SMTP host, just port it

    This error mostly occurs when the configuration server type for outgoing email is not set correctly in Outlook, Windows Mail, etc. email clients.

    mail 10060 error

    This error is sometimes caused by a single typo in the hostname or existing mail server.

    Likewise, the default SMTP port is 25, but some email professionals use custom ports like 587 to prevent spam.

    In addition to this expert statement, there are some mail servers that are configured so that you can only allow email over SSL port 465.


    Incorrect hostname or incorrect port entry in email settings for leads can cause errors when sending emails.

    First of all


    our hosting engineers will provide the opportunityconnect to the DNS of this SMTP host using the following command.


    Let’s also try the following command to determine the correct SMTP port and its connectivity.

      telnet 25  

    Next, we check and correct SMTP in the mail client settings.

    [We know which emails are important to your business. Not sure about the temperature of your email client? Our support specialists are always ready to help.]

    2) Invalid SMTP Authentication


    Similarly, the error can occur due to problems with the authentication of the entire sender.

    mail 10060 error

    All SMTP servers create an authentication process to protect against new spam and email abuse.

    In other words, users are allowed to connect to the SMTP server and move email only after successful authentication.

    Therefore, if the sender tries to connect to the SMTP server without verification, the connection will be refused if “socket error 10060 connection to the outside world is synchronized” is an SMTP error.


    Our support specialists verify the email settings of potential customers and ensure that SMTP authorization is enabled in the sender’s email client.

    In Outlook 2007, for example, we check these settings through Tools> Account Settings> Other Locations> Outgoing Server tab> My Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) requires authentication.

    3) Issues with ISP firewall

    Many ISPs are now blocking 25 inbound traffic to minimize spam, and this guide is one of the common causes of this error.


    What is an email socket error?

    Socket error 10060 is a useful error that occurs when using Kontakt and is specifically related to any timeouts when communicating with the mail provider’s servers. This error is almost certainly more likely when a PC user is sending emails rather than receiving them.

    Our support engineers always ask new users to get the tracing results from their PCs to the email server.

    This helps our service to determine if there are any network problems in any of the more complex networks between the mail server users and the PC.

    If we find any ISP level products, the user will need to contact the ISP to clarify the blocking of this port.

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  • But we recommend this is the ideal solution for actually using an SMTP server supported by your ISP.

    4) Problems with PC firewall

    Firewall and third-party antivirus installed on the user’s PC may block the connection of some applications.

    In other words, it can periodically block connections to certain ranges of IP addresses, and sometimes to the IP address of a mail device.

    As a result, clients typically cannot connect to the mail server from their email address, and the SMTP error “Socket error 10060 Add-in timed out” has expired.


    In such cases, we get full Telnet results from the user’s PC to the mail server.

    For example, we use the following command to always test the connection to the package server on port 25.

      telnet 25  

    And if there is software blocking the connection, we recommend that the client turn off the firewall and try it.

    5) Infected computer

    This is not a common reason, but it does happen sometimes.

    “Socket error 10060 Timed out for Internet connection.” The SMTP error can increase if your local computer is infected with malware.


    In this case, our support specialists will ask users to perform a complete capture of their PC using a standard anti-virus program.

    And remove all spyware, possibly Trojans, that were detected during the course.

    This list is not complete. This error can have many other conditions.

    How do I fix error 10060?

    How to fix socket error 10060?Method 1. Check your online proxy connection.Method 2. Increase the website loading time limit.Method or maybe more. Check your email client settings.Block websites, internet service providers and others from tracking you.Recover lost files quickly.

    But a careful analysis of the log is required to determine the exact reason for my failure.

    So, if you need help, click here to have a support technician investigate your Netmail issue.



    In short: “Socket error 10060 connection timed out” SMTP errors can occur due to incorrect email client settings, firewall restrictions, etc. Today we discussed the root causes of this error and our server support specialists will fix them.


    Never lose clients again due to low server speed! Let us support you.

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