Steps To Troubleshoot Nx6110 BIOS Password Problem

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    If you notice BIOS password nx6110, the following guide will help you.

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  • Compaq-Presario and colon; Power-on password

    You are prompted to enter a “power-on password”.
    I entered what I thought was a password, but it turned out to be incorrect. After about 4 times the program will display the message “System deactivation key 69017631”.
    Help yourself, please.


    Try it:



  • Compaq nx6125? activate your password

    Hello, this notebook is a blue screen that says Power to Password. There are no attachments, just code 3 tries to enter the password and can crash. No offers? I have seen previous articles where a password was specified and have tried all these types of attempts with no success. Help is appreciated.

    Hi boy or girl, take out the CMOS battery for 5 or 10 minutes I guess, but take it out for 1 out of 3 minutes so it won’t be read seriously or this whole ring keeps BIOS / UEFI settings, everything config. If that helps, rest assured youA courtesy can help – and congratulations. Thank you

  • HP compaq nx9040 & col; HP Compaq nx9040 Power On Password

    my PS. P. compaq nx9040 asks for a power-on password. I try to change my password, but after three attempts the message “System is disabled (04675). Help us

    Enter: qyhezi or HRV

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    K N R K

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  • HP compaq cq56? Power-on password

    96410373 is important to me

    Any help would be appreciated at the end

    Thank you.

    nx6110 password bios

    @ rongo24





  • Compaq CQ56? Power-on password


    Read, I would say, the first post on the link, which should solve your dilemma.

    http: // …

  • Power-on password Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX

    I need help turning on my Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX

    ~ Thanks in advance


    Enter: 66760919


    DP – K


    COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ61 BIOS Password Recovery Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Hello, I have COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ61 and I am suddenly asking for BIOS password. The “ENTER Security or ENABLE PASSWORD” presentation is displayed. What could I do? After three crashes, I get the message “System is offline” and code 59329588

    Try it –


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  • Turn on your Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop with password

    I have a good Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop that needs a power-on password after 3 attempts. Enter the key number: 64560868. Birdie


    Try entering: 71448268


    DP – K

  • HP Compaq Presario C759LA and colon; Compaq Presario C759LA power-on password

    My boss gave me your Compaq Presario C759LA laptop to factory reset a few days ago, I’m still running Windows and doing backups, then I reboot and he asks me for some kind of password. I could boot my computer and go into BIOS setup and I couldn’t reset it all if I didn’t know.

    If I enter a blank password three times, I will receive an unlock password: usually 93095941.

    Is this a bug? Is there a fix?

    Help, please!

    If prompted, try entering password 22993387 along the way, which should clear all passwords.

  • Cq57 Compaq? Compaq cq57 power-on password

    I need a password for this Compaq cq57 as well as the power-on administrator password that it used to complete the task and is now useless if possible

    I know this is not Windows – of course 32B or 64L

    Approved: ASR Pro

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your PC

  • 72389785 is the deactivation code


    See the first article on the topic below, which should solve the best dilemma.

    http: // …

  • BIOS Password on the Compaq CQ61 is the administrator password and sometimes the power-on password.

    BIOS password on Compaq CQ61 communicated to administrator via power-on password. Soon after some tests, the code was 68879364. Can someone tell me the new identity code


    Try it:





    WINDOW 2) 7


    4 KEYS): 62730476

    PLEASE HELP ME … Thanks

    @ Harsh007




    DP – K

  • Compaq-Presario CQ40 and colon; compaq presario CQ40 on the topic “Enter the power-on password or administrator password” is recognized & period; Please

    Compaq Presario CQ40 when “Enter Administrator Password or Activate Password Above” is recognized. How can I customize this.

    Please help me.


    Enter 46591280


    DP – – K

  • Compaq presario cq56 & col; Forgot your password

    I give each Compaq Presario cq56 and increase the overwrite password. After prompting three times, enter the code (60631788).

    Can someone help the desperate person personally.


    nx6110 password bios

    Enter: 75799308


    DP – K

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