How To Fix Eac3to Popcorn File Not Found?

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    Over the past week, some of our users have come across an error message saying that the eac3to file for popcorn was not found. This problem occurs for many reasons. Now we will discuss them.

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    Not written by me, not included yet, but definitely worth some thoughtful attention:

    Bug tracking:


    If you prefer the GUI of the player, here are three options written (not by me):

    http://www.arcsoft.com [It is generally recommended to replace the libdcadec.dll package from the eac3to package when upgrading to version 2.0 using this link]http://www.nero.com…odec-1.5.1.ziphttp://www.sonic.comhttp://www.surcode.comhttp://www.mplayerhq.hucannot be replaced…ckage_id=12675[You can replace libFLAC.dll 1.2.1 (17 Sep 2007) with the preserved version 1.3.3 (04 Aug 2019) Die (rename 32-bit libFLAC_dynamic.dll)]


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  • Nero 8 works with eac3, allowing Nero Doesn’t 8 to use its DirectShow filters outside of Nero ShowTime. Nero 9 is also currently not supported. So please use/install Nero If 7 if you want to take advantage of eac3to’s Nero DirectShow filters.

    General Information:

    Please note that there are three main problems with “correct” decoding of compressed audio tracks. The former has the problem that the purpose of a media player is different from that of people like North America who want to transcode audio files. The media player may want to positively adjust volume levels depending on specific issues and circumstances. We transcoders want to avoid any modification of valuable human audio data. It will be a conflict that cannot always be resolved. Three known issues:

    (1) Decoders use DRC (Dynamic Range Compression). Silly, Dolby requires a license that requires DRC to be applied unless your decoder has the ability to turn it on and off Fuck him. Only then should a particular decoder not apply DRC. By the way, the purpose of DRC is to limit the dynamic range of the sound track itself, primarily in order to not just annoy the neighbors or adjust to the deafening conditions in the living room.

    DRC is detrimental to our motivation

    (2) Some decoders deliberately convert to 16-bit, or for some reason raise a big unknown, or do other stupid things.

    (3) Some decoders do not use all available resources, but simply extract and decode a new “core” from the compressed audio disc, which obviously results in sub-optimal sound quality.

    Rating of possible decoders:
    Sonic (E-)AC3

    Decoder enforces DRC. For this reason, I strongly discourage the use of Sonic (E-)AC3 decoders. The current version of a particular

    Sonic True HDDTS sound

    The decoder is suitable for DTS, DTS-ES, DTS-96/24, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution tracks. However, it is quite slow and only decodes DTS-HD 7.1 tracks in 5.1. However, most DTS-ES and DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 tracks are completely f as.1 decoded.

    Notro TrueHD

    The decoder works well, but is limited to 5.1 channels.

    Nero (E-)AC3
    popcorn eac3to file not found

    works well for many audio tracks, but sometimes DRC is left on so it’s not quite optimal.

    Nero DTSThe

    decoder ignores the most important DTS-HD side information and really only decodes the DTS core.


    Decoder output only. The 16-bit format cannot be used outside of PowerDVD. So they don’t make much sense to eac3to at the moment. (E)AC3

    The libav/ffmpeg decoder works fine but does not support 7.1 decoding.

    DTS libav/ffmpegThe
    popcorn eac3to file not found

    decoder also works fine, but it currently ignores DTS-HD redundant information, so it cannot, in particular, decode DTS-HD Master Audio at full quality. Real HD

    The libav/ffmpeg decoder works great including full 7.1 detection.

    ArcSoft DTS

    The decoder works well for decoding DTS and DTS-HD, on the contrary, it decodes many 7.1 tracks often incorrectly or with forced processing / mixing. However, it seriously supports any layout and string format.

    Arksoft TrueHDArcSoft (E-)AC3dcadec

    Ideal This is a decoder function for all types of DTS formats and channel configurations, only LBR/XSA (low bitrate) content is absolutely not properly supported yet.

    The default decoder uses only eac3to:

    Arcsoft DTS decoder makes a career out of eac3to:

    Sometimes the Arcsoft DTS decoder does not work even if you have installed the full retail version of the software. This issue is usually resolved by manually concatenating the ArcSoft “bin” files (for example, the “C:Program FilesArcSoftBin” folder) that are shared with your local gateway. If you don’t know the time for this, google “environment path”.

    Do not mark versions of ArcSoft, Nero, Sonic, and Surcode as pirated. You really should buy this.

    EDIT (2016-02-13 and later) all from tebasuna51:

    At the moment, only Nero Top 7 DirectShow is needed for AAC decoding, ArcSoft and Sonic are not needed at all (libdcadec and libav can do this).

    There are problems understanding some of the newer implementations of EAC3, if so, it’s literally best to use the modern version attached to ffmpeg to decode AAC and EAC3.

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